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+5 weekly on Hypertrophy template?

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  • +5 weekly on Hypertrophy template?

    Wrapping up the strength 3 template and loving the funk it go me out of when I was usingTexas method.

    ​​​​​​I plan on running hypertrophy 3 twice in a row and I was wondering should I be trying to add 5 pounds to the lifts every week?

    I ran the 7 week hypertrophy before and I noticed as sets went up weekly, I felt very tired when the plan maxed out the sets while trying to also add 5 pounds a week.

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    If you can increase the weight without overshooting the RPE, that'd be great. In general, we're hoping to see improvements week to week and using historical training numbers in addition to RPE helps us balance everything out.
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