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  • Beginner or Bridge?

    Good morning,

    I completed SSLP in Dec 2019 at which point I began the Bridge. With the holidays, work, life, excuses, etc I haven't been able to maintain consistency with my training since. I have allowed myself to miss workouts and then start the Bridge over from week 1 several times. My lifts obviously have not improved, but they haven't fallen off terribly either. I've decided to reset and begin your Beginner 1 template and commit to being consistent with my training. My plan is to follow that program through the 4 weeks and then transition to the Bridge again before working toward more advanced programming. Is this a sound plan? Would my long-term progress be better served with Beginner 2 and 3 prior to the Bridge?

    I appreciate all you do.

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    I'd recommend the Beginner program and take the necessary steps with exercise selection and training frequency to improve your adherence.

    I'm not sure it's possible to say which program will develop better long term progress, though I think we should first consider how we can ensure you train consistently for the next 6 months. This will have a more profound impact on your long-term outcomes than any single program.

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      Thanks, Jordan. I will continue to follow the Beginner program and focus on adherence as you suggest.