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Mechanically disadvantaged with deadlifts

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  • Mechanically disadvantaged with deadlifts

    While the weight of my deadlifts have gone up it has begun to take a big toll on my energy levels and every time i do them i feel pretty sluggish and its like it takes an hour to complete a set. I have long legs, wide hips but short arms which has made my back angle almost entirely horizontal and every pull is always extremely slow off the ground as if i was doing a sumo pull. I tried to widen my stance which helped but all in all i've had a pretty hard time increasing the weight and being motivated to do more than 1 working set. I would like to deadlift at least twice and week and i squat 3 times in a 4 day a week program. Should i substitute with RDL's or rack pulls? I'm not a powerlifter and i only train for strength purposes only. I have trained for strength for 7 months and linear progression doesn't work for me anymore, my numbers on the deadlift is close to my bench press which is concerning.

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    Can you post a video of your deadlift and bench press?

    I assume you've been "doing LP" for 7 months?

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