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    My gym is closed indefinitely. Luckily i have access to a garage where equipment is rather limited, i can only do flat bench press and squats and deadlifts and all other movements with a barbell. The only accessory work i can do is with a barbell, no incline bench, no chains, no bands, no dumb bells etc.... I have just started Strength III and there is a lot of accessory exercises i can not do, i.e. chain squats, belt squats, dumbbell presses, incline bench. Should i just keep following the template and replicate the exercises as best i can do, for example chain squats: (front squats or normal squats without belt and sleeves)? and some day the gym will open up again. Should i just get back into the program wherever it may be? It's very likely I'm gonna miss chain work in this block, so should i just leave it for dead and get back to it sometime later in the future, or should i implement all the exercises i have missed out on whenever i get back?


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    Hey Mort,

    Thanks for the message. Yes, I would do the template and replicate the movements as best as you can, e.g. squats + chains turns into squats w/o belt, pin squats, or paused squats for example.

    I would run the program as it currently is and then when the gym opens up, continue the program from where you are at that time.

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