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Terrible Peak, What Do?

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  • Terrible Peak, What Do?

    So I crapped the bed today on my test day at the end of 12WS so I'm doing an autopsy of what went wrong.

    My BBM programming has been as follows and in this order; 12WS, 4day Hyper, 4day Hyper, 12WS, 4day Hyper, 12WS. Which brings us to today.

    On my first run and 2nd runs of 12WS I peaked pretty good, setting PRs. On both I did Day 1 on Mon, Day 2 on Wed/Thu and tested on Sat. Also on both runs, I really felt the fatigue hit in weeks 9-12 where my lifts would sometimes stall or even go backward a bit before progressing again.

    On this last run however, I never really had that. My lifts all progressed pretty routinely, with just hitting a little stall in DL on the last 2 days of week 12. This week my schedule changed a bit as well and I did Day 1 on Tue Day 2 on Thu and tested on Sun (my Wk12D4 was Fri). And on my peak today I couldn't even match or best my @9s during the training.

    Should I chalk just this up to an off day?
    Try a new peaking strategy next time such as the fast peak?
    Or could the lack of fatigue in the week 9-12 of this last run show I could possibly stand more volume (ie move on to Strength 3)?


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    Thanks for the post and sorry that this training cycle didn't go as planned. Sounds like the whole cycle just didn't really produce enough fatigue to drive the desired adaptations, though of course it's possible you just had an off day. One way to tell is if in the next week or so you hit substantial rep PR's (or similar)- you are demonstrating an improvement in strength, which suggests it was likely just a bad day.

    I'd probably move on to Strength III because there's more flexibility in that template with more volume I don't think the peak messed you up enough to warrant another run through the same template at this time.

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      Thanks for thefeedback as always Jordan. Looking forward to trying S3 after this hypertrophy block.