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Beginner, Hypertrophy 1, Powerbuilding 1, or Strength 1?

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  • Beginner, Hypertrophy 1, Powerbuilding 1, or Strength 1?

    Hi BBM crew!

    I'm sure you get questions like this a lot but I figured I'd ask with my specific details. So, my main goal is strength for powerlifting, but I've definitely gotten too fluffy. I've been running the PTW Novice program for a few months now after a several month layoff but my e1RM's have stagnated for about a month between 360-370lbs, 260-270lbs, and 390-400lbs for SQ, comp BP, and DL. I'm 26, male, ~210lbs, 36.5 inch waist, 20% bodyfat using the navy method. The PTW Novice program is essentially a 3x3-6 for SQ, 5x3-6 for BP, and 1x3-6 for DL Monday and Friday and then 3x3-6 for both pause SQ and long pause BP on Wednesdays with 2 GPP days on Tuesday and Saturday. All sets on Monday and Friday taken to RPE 9 and all sets on Wednesday taken to RPE 8. I was wondering which one of your templates would be worth running given my current goal of losing weight and gaining/maintaining strength. I have the beginner template, hypertrophy 1, powerbuilding 1/2, and strength 1. I have my first meet planned for the middle of December and would like to compete in the 93kg weight class. Thanks for any input!!


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    I'd probably run powerbuilding 1 or 2, depending on how many days you can train. Should see some pretty nice strength gainzZz while losing some weight

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      Thanks Jordan! I'm gonna run Powerbuilding 1 now while cutting and then hopefully my waist will be down enough to where I can either re-run it at maintenance or roll right into Powerbuilding 2.