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Recommendations for adding weight on the myo-rep exercises.

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  • Recommendations for adding weight on the myo-rep exercises.

    Dear Dr. Feigenbaum and Dr. Baraki,

    How would you recommend increasing weight on the myo-reps?

    Would you rather someone fill up the first myo-rep set for a set of 20@8 before they bump up the weight, or would it be okay to increase the weight but keep the rep range at 12@8?

    ^(Or would this depend on whether that person was more concerned with strength vs. hypertrophy?)

    Currently, my myo-rep exercises include the hip thrust, low-incline dumbbell press, and high incline bench press.

    For the exercises such as the hip thrust and the high incline bench press, could I increment the weight by 5lbs per week if the load still fits into at least 12@8?

    Thank you always for the quality information that you put out! I'm learning a lot through the SoundCloud podcasts.


    Eddie Mun

    P.S. I made some progress with the hip thrust bar placement and got in an experimental set of 220 (it was supposed to be a rest day today but I really wanted to fix the bar positioning issue) with semi-tolerable compression pain. Thank you for your help! I think I may have been putting the bar too low near my pubic hair region (please excuse the crass description).

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    It doesn't matter which way you do the myoreps and I don't have a strong preference for one over the other. I don't think there would be a difference in strength or hypertrophy outcomes that are non specific to the rep range, e.g. getting better at 20's vs 12's.

    Glad to hear about the hip thrusts! Thrust on, homie.
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