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  • Running/jogging as GPP


    I saw some similar questions being asked on this forum, but I did not find an answer that satisfied me so I decided to make a new post. If the main goal is to increase 1RM in the squat, bench and deadlift as much as possible, would you advise against running/jogging as GPP in favor of things like stationary bike, rower etc.? I have always liked running and have done it for the better part of my life, but I pretty much quit once I started strength training because I felt it was difficult to combine with squatting and deadlifting 2-3x/week. I also read in Greg Nuckols' book from a few years back, 'the art and science of lifting', that running could possibly have negative effects on squat performance whereas cycling was more likely to positively impact squat performance.
    I'm guessing the answer is that it is possible to combine running with powerlifting as long as you just manage recovery resources, but I'd still like your input.


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    Thanks for the post and I hope all is well. A few thoughts here:

    1) I don't think either cycling or running will uniquely help powerlifting performance across the a population.
    2) I don't think either cycling or running will hurt powerlifting performance if programmed appropriately, though this is going to be dependent on the individual, their training history, preferences, etc.
    3) I don't think that a competitive powerlifter can really do a high level of endurance work and be the strongest version of themselves, however they should be able to meet the current physical activity guidelines for aerobic training and be just fine.

    Hope that helps!

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