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Detraining from going back to a 3 day program when I've done a 4 day program?

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  • Detraining from going back to a 3 day program when I've done a 4 day program?

    Dear Dr. Feigenbaum and Dr. Baraki,

    This was how my training looked since last year since I started using BBM templates:

    March~August: Bridge 3.0 (ran it twice back to back)
    August~November: Strength I
    November~December: General S&C (ran the default template)

    Jan~March: Strength I
    March~May: General S&C (currently running the default template because I wanted to practice the front squat and the hip thrust, as those didn't do so well in the first run)

    As of now, I have downloaded Powerlifting II, which I'm planning to run in June after the current run of General S&C.

    My question is, would running General S&C a third time be too little stimulus for the squat, bench, and the deadlift after running a four-day template such as Powerlifting II?


    Eddie Mun

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    Thanks for the post!

    I don't think that General S/C would by my first choice if you're prioritizing your squat/bench/DL 1RM strength. That said, it's unlikely that your strength will decay significantly outside of very specific training adaptations that can be regained with a little bit of training. Overall, I would NOT worry about short term decay when doing a GPP-focused template like General S/C.

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