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Seated Overhead Press Video???

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  • Seated Overhead Press Video???

    Hello Barbell Medicine,
    I have been enjoying your YouTube channel for a while and really appreciate your data driven approach.

    I just bought the beginner template. My basement gym does not allow for a standing overhead press. Do you have any videos that elaborate on the technique for the seated overhead press?

    Also, I want to add that my twin 8 year olds (boy/girl) and 5 year old son are already enjoying the new basement gym with me. I will be sure to give updates as we all progress.

    Thanks and keep up the great content,

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    We don't have one currently, unfortunately. That said, don't overthink it- sit down and press using a similar technique to the standing overhead press. If you have a bench with an upright back, e.g. a shoulder press bench or an adjustable bench, I'd use that!

    Can't wait for the pics of the kiddos training
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      Got it.

      Thanks for the quick response.