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How To Change Exercises on General S/C for a "slightly different flavor?"

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  • How To Change Exercises on General S/C for a "slightly different flavor?"

    Dear Dr. Feigenbaum and Dr. Baraki,

    I know the default programming for the General S/C is arranged in a way to train strength, hypertrophy, and conditioning at the same time.

    So how would you change the exercise selections on the General S/C template from the default template to put more emphasis on

    1) Strength
    2) Hypertrophy
    3) Conditioning?

    Could you please recommend the best exercises for each criterion, if there are any?

    For instance, I would say for example, if I were interested in competing in a USSF meet in the future,
    I'd put in some additional shoulder work such as Pin presses at shoulder level and head level for the vertical press #1 and #2, respectively.

    I guess if I wanted to participate in an Olympic meet in the future, I'd probably have to select the Front Squat w/belt as my primary squat, etc.

    Actually, please excuse me... as I was writing out my thoughts just now, I realized it all just depends on my goals...

    My ultimate goal is to be able to total 1000lbs on the powerlifts, but also look jacked and be athletic for Jeet Kune Do.

    Should I try and milk as many variations as possible on the General S/C before moving on to some other templates?


    Eddie Mun

    P.S. Please excuse the long-winded post. I am in desperate need of guidance.

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    This is not really answerable in brief without it appearing dismissive, but I'll try my best.

    1) There are not specific exercises that are better for the goals listed in this context.
    2) For the USSF meet, most of your training should be squat, press, and deadlift variants, but you wouldn't use the general s/c template for that.
    3) For an olympic weightlifting meet, you'd want to perform the snatch and clean and jerk more frequently along with their variants and front squats, but again the general s/c template is not a good starting place for this.
    4) For powerlifting, most of your training focus should be on squats, bench, and deadlift, which is not the goal of the general s/c template- as this is designed to for a more general approach to training rather than a specific one.

    In any case, I think a 1000lb total, general jackitude, and the ability to regularly train Jeet Kune Do are all possible on most of our templates. I just think you need to train longer and not overthink this stuff. You'll get there!

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      Thank you so much, doc! I'm always grateful to your nuanced and informative answers :-) Hope you stay safe out there from the Corona virus!