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Stalling on DL during LP

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  • Stalling on DL during LP

    Using SS for past 6-8 weeks with no stalls except DL. 5 lb increase per lift per workout. Healthy, 29 year old male and tracking macros according to "To Be A Beast" article.

    Currently at:
    Squat at 280 3x5
    Bench at 185 3x5
    Press 125 3x5
    DL 285 1x5

    i attempted 290 on DL on last workout, but I am slight starting to round my back slightly with my grip slipping a bit at lockout. I've watched the form videos more times than I can count (Thrall and Rip) so I feel like my setup and form are good.

    Also, I am using double overhand grip with chalk.

    First post, so I am attempting to provide all info. Apologies if overkill.

    Looking for advice to move forward.

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    Are you still deadlifting every workout?
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      Time to stop and introduce clean?

      Is it OK that my deadlift isn't well ahead of squat? If not, what could I do to assist this?


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        Yes, and Yes. It's Ok. Continuing to train will sort things out.
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          Just a bit of anecdote: Near 300 pounds is where double overhand grip started to run out for me. You're gonna have to change. Pulling strength very quickly passes what you can hold with double overhand. Also at least for me, my deadlift strength seemed to suddenly increase dramatically when I switched to mixed grip probably for psychological reasons. I remember back in the day when I thought my max deadlift was 275. I tried mixed grip one day for shits and giggles. 315 went up easy. Had no idea the grip was limiting me that much. Feeling truly secure with your grip really seems to increase pulling strength. For me anyway.


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            The standard double overhand will be a limiting factor on grip once weights get heavier. I use the hook grip for deadlifts (with liquid chalk, no tape). I don't think mixed is the only grip to use. I deadlifted 157.5 kgs (347.2lbs) (I know, "that's not heavy!") for a set of five with a 3 second hold at the top of the last rep on Sunday. Hook grip is uncomfortable and one needs to get used to it, but setting up and pulling a deadlift is uncomfortable anyway.

            I still deadlift every A workout on a lightly modified SSLP (A: deadlift/press/chin; B: squat/bench/row) for however long I have to run, but likely not long. Maybe my deadlift still keeps going up due to the volume I get from them as compared to actually DTP SSLP.