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    I am currently on the 7th week of the powerlifting 2 template in preparation for my first powerlifting meet. My concern is that I will finish the template 6 weeks prior to my scheduled meet. What would you reccomed in this scenario? Should I try to stretch out the developmental blocks? Being that I own and have completed the hypertrophy template would it be advisable to switch to that template after powerlifting 2 for a few weeks and then back to the powerlifting template? Thanks for your time.

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    Given this thread, and the time line here, it sounds like you're running modified programming and have 11 weeks until the meet. If it were me AND your meet doesn't end up getting rescheduled, I'd probably do this:

    1) Continue DL programming as previously discussed
    2) Skip last 3 weeks of template
    3) Run first 4 weeks of PL II
    4) Run one of our free peaking templates

    In general, the programming should match up to a planned meet whenever possible. Thus, we'd advise folks to pick their meets first and then schedule their training to line up with it.

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