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At home template - hit rpe or reps?

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  • At home template - hit rpe or reps?

    Hi there - I have a question regarding the at home no equipment template.

    I'm doing loaded squats with a backpack full of books, bag of rice etc. But I can't really hit rpe 8 with just 12 reps. I also can't increase the weights.

    So should I just stop at 12 or do as many reps as it takes to get to rpe 8? I know it is not ideal, but unfortunately it is all I can do now.

    Thanks for the work and for always patiently answering our questions!! It's really appreciated.

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    The recommendations for how to handle this are discussed in detail in the accompanying eBook, and annotated in the sheet. You should select variations that allow you to hit the target RPE at the prescribed rep range. This may mean that backpack loaded squats are not the best choice for that particular slot in your situation.
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      Oh, my bad. I thought the pdf was the same for all templates. I'll check it out - thanks a lot!