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  • Deadlift Accesories

    Hi, in the past I implemented 2 comp. deadlift days and I've noticed that focusing on my squat (2 back squat and 1 front squat day) was better for me since is my weaker lift, and it's also much easier to recover than the deadlift, so now I'm implementing 1 heavy deadlift day and another day where I do an accesory after my Squat.

    My main issue in the Deadlift is getting the weight moving from the ground, but in this mesocycle I included Deficit Deadlifts and for whatever reason I couldn't progress in them very well. In my regular DL my knees tend to extend a little early leading to my hips raising, which is not dramatical but it's what happens when weights get heavy.

    What accesory exercise would be better for my to include in my 2nd Deadlift day? Stick to the Deficit DL? Block Pulls? I know that my quads are weak but I already Squat 3 times per week + some bulgarian split squats x2 week. Thanks!

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    How much do you squat and deadlift?

    It sounds like you may need a form check on your deadlift more than you need supplemental movements.
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      I don't know why, but I can't upload footage here

      Last week I did my top set of 2 on the Deadlift with 405lb @8 with proper form. When I say my hips shoot up early I'm talking about heavy 1 rep sets, kind of like when I max out (which of course doesn't happen frequently on training).

      I watched every video on Deadlifts on Alan's channel, both his videos and yours. I don't have any typical mistake, I just think it may be a quad weakness that leads to an early knee extension and a "Stiff Leg" style Deadlift. I already included Front Squats and my leg size and strength has improved, but I don't see this issue getting much better although as I said, is not that bad at all. I'm just being picky here cause I wanna maximize results


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        There unfortunately aren't any "magic" supplemental movements or accessory exercises.

        If you insist that your technique is flawless, fine -- in which case the answer is that you probably just need to do more pulling and get stronger in general.
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