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Anterior pelvic (hip flexors) pain post squats

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  • Anterior pelvic (hip flexors) pain post squats

    Hey I am a 42 year old training for my second PL meet in April in the 198 masters. Went <a href="tel:410/280/520">410/280/520</a> last April. I would consider myself a "long femur" build with a fairly pronounced forward lean on my lowbar squat. I have had deep tightness in my anterior pelvic region (hip flexors somewhere) It's been an issue over the last 6 months at least.
    I know your thoughts on rolling and stretching, and to be honest have tried it all with no improvements anyway lol.
    This is what my current squat looks like. Anything I can change to alleviate my post workout (day after) tightness in my "hip flexor" region?

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    Sorry to hear about your troubles.

    Your video appears to have been removed, but we try not to do form checks here as we would be completely inundated with them (as we already are), and there are a number of other free resources where you can get form checks by SSCs.
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      Sorry about that, here is another

      I apologize for the vid, just thought maybe there was something that stood out I could fix in my technique that may help.
      Appreciate the response


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        Not sure whether there's anything obvious that's causing your tightness here. I would, however, recommend that you stop doing that pre-descent hip extension ("glute squeeze"). I've never seen a good explanation for why people should do it, and I've seen accidents happen when people do it "too violently" and the bar physically slips off their back.
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          Thanks for taking a look. The "glute squeeze" is actually something I haven't been doing very long, I read it will align the pelvis before decent (less anterior tilt) but it's not something I can't scrap.
          This just may be a case where I need to get stronger. Thanks Austin!