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Squat difficulty - too "stiff"?

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  • Squat difficulty - too "stiff"?

    Hi, BBM.
    I just started your Beginner Template a couple of weeks ago. I've been having difficulty mostly with squats. My shoulders seem to hurt however I try to adjust things. I've tried higher and lower bar positions, wider and closer hand grips on the bar. I also am having problems with my hips. I've tried to adjust width and/or foot angle to see if anything feels better, but nothing seems to work yet. Every time I drop down into a squat I can't get to parallel without very uncomfortable pinching/tightness in my hips. The shoulders hurt, the hips I'd call more like very tight/uncomfortable, but not pain. But both are enough of a problem for me at this point that I'm having a hard time competing my squat sets. I've read more than once your general attitude towards all of the mobility work promoted out there online, but is it ever appropriate? Is the answer to feeling too limited in my shoulders and hips to really get into the right positions for the squat to just ignore it keep going, start with some squat version that's easier for long time desk jockeys, do some stretches/exercises to focus on hips and shoulders other than the main lifts, ... ? Thank you for any help you can provide.

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    Thanks for the post and I hope you're well.

    What are you doing for your warm up? Also, do you have a video of your squat? Let's see it.

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