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  • LISS and HIIT

    Do you have any qualms about doing hiit or liss at home in the living room? I think I need to supplement my training with cardio but I don't have access to most preferred equipment, prowler, rower, bike especially with gyms being closed. I'm lucky in that I'm still able to lift at my local high school since I'm employed there but they don't really have any extra equipment.

    I found a hiit YouTube workout (never thought I'd be one to do something like this but I guess quarantine got me doing different stuff) Would something like what's done in the YouTube video be appropriate? I very quickly found out I'm out of shape and didn't make it through that so it'd probably be more appropriate for me to find some liss options first.

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    I didn't watch the youtube video, but we program at-home HIIT options in our at-home templates:

    I don't think you can do LISS at home without leaving the house to walk, cycle, jog, etc. outside.
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      I guess I didn't see anything programmed for HIIT at home. I just saw "For individuals who prefer to exercise at home and don’t have access to any conditioning equipment, we’d recommend doing light calisthenics such as jumping jacks, jogging in place, high knees, mountain climbers, etc. for the recommended HIIT." so I didn't know if you'd recommend 40 seconds of jumping jacks, 20 second rest, etc.


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        Hello! If you scroll to the program itself in that link from Jordan, there is HIIT scheduled under the conditioning section. This is generally 20 sec on/sprint (or max reps in 20 sec)/100 sec slow/rest. Hope that helps!

        (This is also a bit more explicit in the full template.)