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Banded Bbell exercises -- how to record?

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  • Banded Bbell exercises -- how to record?


    I tried to post this yesterday but it came through as unapproved, here's hoping it works today!

    I suspect I'm overthinking this, but:

    Doing Strength 1, bought two 60 lbs resistance bands to do the Overload exercises. Initially, I figured I would lump the total band resistance in with the total weight and record that as my set, but it seemed like a huge overstatement to say I was benching 300+ lbs as an overload.

    At the same time, the bands are advertised as having 60 lbs of resistance, and I'm using two of them, so why wouldn't I count it as an additional 120 lbs resistance?

    I keep moving between incredulity and then skepticism of that incredulity. How do the docs/someone else record their band work?

    Thank you!

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    I just record the bar weight. Resistance bands' load changes based on how far it's stretched so I don't even bother thinking about the absolute load. I just record the bar weight.
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      Thank you!