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    My wife is starting to get interested in barbell training, but is currently 5 months pregnant. She is, and has been for awhile, doing light resistance training and cardio, so we were thinking it is probably best for her to stick with that until after the pregnancy so as to not change too much at this time. How soon after the birth would you recommend getting started training with a barbell, ie the beginner prescription, as long as there is no complications with the delivery and healing? Also, she does still enjoy doing the lighter resistance program (the female program by Athlean-X) that she is currently doing, so how detrimental would it be to run that alongside, or combined with, the beginner prescription?

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    If she has a normal, uncomplicated vaginal delivery, there are essentially no exercise restrictions or delay needed.

    If she has complications or undergoes C-section, this would change would require a discussion with her obstetrician.

    We aren't very familiar with the program you're describing -- we usually don't recommend combining different programs like this. However, it is ultimately up to her and her goals
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      Thank you!