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  • Warming up to [email protected]

    Hey BBM team,

    my question is regarding warming up to my 1 @ 8 if for example the back down sets are [email protected] and then multiple sets of [email protected]

    i have read the how you advise we warm up in your templates so if it’s reps of 6 you warm up using 6s but how does this change when [email protected] is before the rep scheme for that exercise?

    as if I kept using 6s to my [email protected] I would have done 1 maybe 2 working sets before actually doing [email protected]

    I currently use 6s then once I’m around 65% I go to singles.

    i’m sure this has been asked before so if you don’t want to answer just link me the information as I can’t seem to find it.

    My second question is I have run powerbuilding 1 and recently finished strength 1 and noticed my bench really increased with the more frequency on being more bench press.

    On powerbuilding 1 I was thinking of replacing OHP on day 1 using the same rep scheme but replacing it with Close grip or slingshot and on day 3 exercise 3 just doing OHP with day 3 exercise 3 rep scheme across the template? Would you say this is a good idea or not ? I can’t train more than 3 days at the gym and I do GPP work at home on my off days. (Arms, upper back, abs)

    Thank you.

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    If you want to replace the OHP for a bench variant, that's fine, though I don't think I'd be gunning for a bunch of specificity on the powerbuilding template. It's okay to take some time off the main lifts
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