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    I have a few questions and am hoping you good folks can give me some guidance. My wife and I have completed 8 weeks of SSLP program and are looking to move onto something else. We are still interested in getting strong, adding some conditioning, and losing some body fat. While we enjoy the four lifts of the SSLP program, we are also looking for some more variety. We both have a little CrossFit experience as well and are in our 50s. Our equipment primarily consists of a Rogue rig with pull-up bar, bench, barbells, and bumper plates. Which template(s) do you recommend and why?


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    I would probably do the Beginner Template starting on Phase II, as based on this post it sounds like both of you are still relatively new to strength training. You get to pick your own variations on that program and it will set you up for long-term success with respect to developing cardiorespiratory fitness, LBM, and strength.

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