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  • Odd question for odd times

    I have a bit of a strange question. It is related to programming so I think it is in the right place but if not feel free to move it somewhere else.

    I have the luxury through my work to have access to a relatively well equipped gym. Up until last week we were given full access to the facilities on our days off but this has recently been restricted to only on-shift personnel due to COVID. As frustrating as it is to have my gym access curtailed this way, I do recognize, and am grateful for, the fact that I have even 50% access compared to normal as it is much better than what many are having to deal with. As I had recognized that this may become a reality I purchased the at home template in order to have a fall back plan for a program. As I do still have partial access to proper barbell equipment my question is this: Is it better to run the At Home program as written despite the fact that I have access to better equipment or would it be better to somehow "hybridize" the At Home program with what I was running before? (for reference, I had just completed transitioning to week 2 of the Beginner Template from a SSLP that had lasted approx 9 wks) It seems to me that ANY time that I have available to me to be under a real bar would be helpful to progress and 4 days off of training altogether (I work 4 days on and have 4 days off for reference) would be unproductive. My gestalt leads me to thinking that it would be beneficial to continue to do 2 out of the 3 workouts from the Beginner Program when I have gym access and run 1 of the At Home workouts when I do not, in addition to the 3 Rx'd GPP workouts interspersed throughout my rotation with an extra rest day at some point to account for there being an 8th day in the rotation. Does this make sense? If so, which 2 out of the 3 beginner template workouts should I prioritize? Which of the At Home workouts? Should I rotate through them all? (i.e.Day 1 and 2 this rotation and Days 3/1 next and so on?)

    I know my one simple question has morphed into many, but any input you could provide would be very helpful.

    Thanks in advance and please stay well


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    Thanks for the post and it sounds like a pretty sweet setup at work

    I'd probably do something like this:

    Days 1-4 (4 days on)
    Day 1- Do Day 1 Beginner Program
    Day 2- Do day 2 beginner program
    Day 3- off
    Day 4- Do Day 3 beginner program

    Days 5-8 (off work)
    Day 5- Off
    Day 6- Cardio from at-home template
    Day 7- Off
    Day 8- Cardio from at- home template

    That's what I'd do.
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      Thank you for the quick response and, yes, I recognize even with the current restrictions I’m still very lucky!

      3 quick follow ups:

      1) Do any adjustments need to be made to beginner template to account for less rest between day 1/2 or simply follow RPE and account for possibly slightly less weight? (I think I know the answer to that one...)

      2) When you refer to the GPP from the at home program are you referring to a specific type i.e. circuits or is it basically dealers choice?

      3) Due to call volumes at work (we have been increasingly busy lately due to the same reason our gym access was restricted) I might not have time on shift to complete a workout. Any recommendations to address this? (Quick home workout after work?)

      Thank you again for all the advice. Very much appreciated!



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        1) Nope
        2) Dealer's choice
        3) I would just do what you can in the gym- even splitting it over multiple days or sessions, and do what you can at home.

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