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Fatigue and Overtraining

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  • Fatigue and Overtraining

    Hey BBM Team-

    Ive recently started your Program "The Bridge" and am having some trouble. Im on my first day of week 4. I I Finished my linear progression with a 315x5 squat and a 345x5 deadlift. Im also about 180lb and 17 years old. Ive been trying to learn how to use the RPE method and have not been doing so well. I felt fine on week 1 and 2 but once week 3 hit I began failing my top sets of deadlifts and squats. I was attempting to increase the weight by around 5lbs every week to keep raising my estimated 1RM. For my top set of squats today I did 300x5 at which felt like an RPE 9 (meant to be an 8) and then lowered my next set down to 295 and failed on my 4th rep. This trend also seemed to happen last week and my deadlift has been doing the same. Any ideas on why I might be failing and not seeming to gain strength? Could it be my level of conditioning and higher volume? (I rest 3 min in between sets). Or could I be really overestimating my RPE and overtraining myself? Any advice would be appreciated, Thanks.

    -- All my lifts felt good this week, except for my Deadlift. I don't understand whats happening with it. I was trying to pull less weight than last week and was still failing. I went for 295x5 at RPE 6, 305x5 @7 then another 305 @8 and failed on my 4th rep. I decided I would lower it to 275 for my last 2 sets. I couldn't even pull the bar off the ground, and I almost blacked out trying to pull it. I used to pull 275 for 3 reps in my warmups. Any thoughts on why my Deadlift is taking such a hit? - PS I have been working on form a little bit trying to get a tighter back. Anything suggestions would be really appreciated.
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    Sounds like you're overshooting the RPE. I'd recommend using the warm up sets to better target the top set based on what your performance level is for that day. In other words, try to be a little more conservative with your jumps. The idea is to get the right amount of stimulus on a given day, which may not always be heavier than the previous week.
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      Thanks for the advice. I'll try to feel out the weight much more in my workout tomorrow and so on. Seems real tough to learn RPE but hopefully I can get it down. Seems like theres lots to benefit over percentage training.