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  • Uneven Bench and Press Distribution

    Hi, I've been lifting for about 3-4 months now, obviously not anymore because of the situation, and was running SSLP to some success. However, I've been researching Barbell Medicine for a while and decided to purchase the Beginner Template. Looking at it now, there's three slots for presses, meaning that you're either going to be benching or pressing more. I don't plan to compete in either Strengthlifting or Powerlifiting, so I prioritize the 4 main lifts over the 3 prioritized in powerlifitng. I know incline benching could be some sort of middle ground, but I plan on purchasing my own home gym and don't really see much value in spending the extra $100+ for an incline bench. Will this be a problem moving forwards or will it just be fine if I were doing 2 benches and 1 overhead press? Alternatively, would you recommend doing 2 benches and 1 press on the second phase and then doing 1 bench and 2 presses on the third phase? Is it even beneficial to be pressing and benching the same amount? Thanks!

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    Hello and congrats on the new lifting progress! You will be totally fine in having different amounts of pressing and benching. You have a life-time of training ahead, and if at one time vs the other you want to prioritize one over the other with more training time/frequency, you'll be able to do that.

    At this stage, I would do the Beginner Template as outlined, and you can make the exercise selections there as you choose. The idea now is to build a solid training base as a new lifter.