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    Hi team,

    I'm hoping to start a bulk when the gyms open back up to lead into a (hopeful) meet in October, planning on running Powerbuilding then Strength III templates for the prep. I'm hoping to gain 15-20 pounds over that ~4-5 months.

    Before gyms closed this spring I was maintaining weight about 10 pounds down from competition weight and making good progress weekly with Strength III so I'm questioning on whether or not there's a benefit to spreading the bulk out over the entire period or trying to gain the majority of the weight during either the Powerbuilding or Strength phases for the sake of more muscle growth on Powerbuilding or more strength gain leading into a peak since I was doing well on Strength III at a maintenance level. Is there anything you'd recommend one way or another?

    Thanks for the insight!

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    I think that slow weight gain is nearly always preferable to rapid weight gain. I don't think rapidly gaining weight is going to make you stronger in the next 4-5 months than doing it slowly either. just fatter.

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