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Intermediate programming: Texas Method

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  • Intermediate programming: Texas Method

    I am entering my 7th week of TM, and am wondering.... If the volume day provides the overload event that satisfies the stress needed to stimulate the desired strength adaptation, should we just do another volume day at the end of the week? Would it be more beneficial to display the strength gained from day 1 through a heavy single then acquire an appropriate ammount of tonnage through back off sets of five? Is "running it out" going to help me increase strength?

    For example:
    Week sample for the squat:
    Day 1: 5x5 @ 365
    Day 2: 2x5 @ 290
    Day 3: 1x1 @ 450 3x5 @ 405

    Week sample for the squat:
    Day 1: 5x5 @ 370
    Day 2: 2x5 @ 290
    Day 3: 1x1 @ 455 3x5 @ 410

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    The idea that the volume day alone provides the "overload event" is inaccurate, unfortunately.
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