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Questions about the Press Template

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  • Questions about the Press Template

    Hello there, a few questions for you concerning the 12 Week Press template:

    1. Would a person trying to improve their 1RM Squat, Press and Deadlift as much as possible in the next ~ 6 months be better served by running the Press template twice in a row, or by doing something else like extending the developmental block? And if the latter, any recommendations for how that might be structured as the 5 developmental weeks have different set/rep schemes? Also, what of the Low Stress week(s)?

    2. In the Press Template there are recommendations for what to do for the Squat and Press variants without access to a proper rack, but no mention of the Rack Pulls - what would you recommend in the case where Rack Pulls from below the knee were the only option given the lameness/suckiness of the rack?

    3. What is a split squat and are there any videos demonstrating how to perform them correctly? (there is no video of Jordan doing them in the Template)

    4. Any compelling reason not to add Calf Raises and Arms to one of the GPP days each week? I just did the 7 week Hypertrophy GPP program so have gotten in the habit of doing curlz for da gurlz (they didn't seem to notice or care much, FYI).

    Thanks in advance!
    Hi, just started this program at week 1, after the free bridge program. Instantly feel that I LOVE THIS PROGRAM. The combination of a single + volume

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    1. Detailed recommendations for long-term development are complex, and getting into consult territory.

    2. Could you stand on something like a bumper plate to get the height where you want it?

    3. It's done with both feet on the ground, kind of like a lunge.

    4. Go for it.
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      1. That's fair, thank you. Does the Press template lend itself to repeating as the 12 week Strength template does (assuming I respond favorably to it)?

      2. That would make a lot of sense, yes...

      3. Neat; so if the rep range is 10, that's 10 on each leg?

      4. It will be done.

      Thanks Austin!


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        1. Yes, and 3. Yes

        Good luck!
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