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Here is what barbell medicine did for me

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  • Here is what barbell medicine did for me

    Hi BBM crew,

    I wanted to thank all of you for your fantastic content which has educated me about approaches to training and nutrition.

    3 months ago, my waist circumference got out of hand since I was not tracking what I was eating and I got up to 40'', so I decided to form a habit of tracking and adjusting my nutrition (i.e. enter a caloric deficit).
    Eating in a caloric deficit (while ensuring a desired p/c/f intake) was not at all problematic for me (in part due to not excluding any food groups).
    I lost 33 pounds (from 238 to 205) without too much of a struggle.
    The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic certainly didn't help my plan go smoothly as I had to improvise a home workout, but I'm glad I didn't just give everything up.
    Focusing on relative intensity and training @8-9 was the key for me.

    Since I'm 6'4'' and don't have that much muscle, my plan is to stay at maintenance calories for a while while I ease into my resistance training (the gyms re-open this wednesday), then enter a slight surplus of around 200 kcal per day with the goal of facilitating muscle (and strength) gains with one of your powerbuilding templates that I have.

    Anyway, once again: THANK YOU and all the best! I will carry what I have learned for the rest of my life and echo it to those in pursuit of their health and fitness goals.

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    Great work! Glad you've found it helpful - keep it up.
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