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    Forgiveness might be needed as much of this has been discussed ad nauseam, but I’m not sure this specific question has been asked.

    If I am walking briskly, e.g 18 min mile, and doing 30 minutes a day everyday as LISS for my current Powerbuilding 1 run, what is the affect of splitting the 30 minutes of LISS into 3, 10 minute sessions? Now, this is not based on Stan’s suggestions, but fits my dog’s preference for his walking schedule.

    On a side note I need to incorporate some HIIT, as I haven’t done it in quite some time. This is primarily due to my extensive list of excuses, to which I will spare the readers.

    Thanks all!

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    No real difference for health outcomes. Performance wise, you don't get as much endurance improvement by splitting up the sessions into shorter ones, but I'm not sure that really matters
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