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Effect of weight loss on OHP...

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  • Effect of weight loss on OHP...

    I noticed in another thread some posters seemed to agree that their OHP suffers disproportionately to the other main lifts during a cutting phase.

    Do you think this is true?

    If so what do you make of the hypothesis presented here: as point #1. He says that water retained in and around the muscles is inherently beneficial for mechanical reasons that I don't understand, and that the OHP depends more on smaller muscles than the squat for example and therefore water gain or loss has a greater effect on the total muscle + water volume.

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    I think that most of the time, people lose strength when losing weight due to programming issues. With respect to the OHP, most people don't train it enough to really drive it up anyway. The muscle/water hypothesis by Baker is not evidence based, as water stores in muscles do not change much during weight loss.
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