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    hey Jordan (or Austin)

    i know you get a million questions about modifying the already well thought out templates you create. But since i purchased one, which makes me a customer, i thought id take a minute of your time...

    Strength 1: only has overhead press built in day 2 slot 3 for the first 6 weeks and at higher reps. Im not currently powerlifting and would like to keep emphasis on pressing. Do you see any problems with keeping press in day 2 slot 3 for the whole 12 weeks AND following the same rep/set formula as comp bench (day 2 slot 1)???

    i dont want to start changing things up too much if its gonna create too much fatigue i wont do it, wanted your opinion.


    cole g

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    It's probably not going to work as well if you do it that way without changing the other bench variations to press variations. That said, you could do that too if you prefer the press
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