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    I am a novice coming towards the end of my SSLP and was hoping for some guidance on which of your templates suit my needs best. I'm a 29 year old male, currently 172lbs with a 36.5 inch waist below my belly button. I've been gaining 2 lbs a week so should be about 180 in 4 weeks and then I'll stop the LP.

    Things to consider for me are:

    - I don't sleep well, recovery is an issue and I've been sore almost every day of the LP. Don't know if it exists but a program which would be good for this or more easily modified to reduce intensity would be ideal.

    -I want to lose some of the fat I've gained so far. Plan to drop to about 170 while maintaining or possibly increasing my LBM. Then gain weight again from there, but more steadily than 2lbs a week.

    -I only have a flat bench, bar and a rack. So I can't do any crazy variations of things.

    -I'd like to avoid learning a load of new exercises, so sticking closely to the main movements is what I'd prefer, ideally.

    -I'd like to add in the power clean as I couldn't get hold of the bumper plates due to covid so I've missed out on that.

    -Goals are strength primarily, but I care about aesthetics a bit too. Although I don't intend to compete ever.

    Powerbulding 1 is the template I like the look of most but obviously I won't know until I buy it and run it for a while, considering my needs is this a good choice?



    P.S. thanks for all of the stuff you put out there, especially the stuff on pain , it really helps

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    Hey Andy,

    We would recommend the following:

    1) doing The Beginner Template
    2) Not gaining 2lbs per week, as that's probably not a great idea given the 36.5" waist and rate of potential muscle gain. It's not worth it
    3) I would not do power cleans at this point, as they're not great for strength or aesthetics and you have limited time to train
    4) Powerbuilding would work too, but I'd run phase 2 and 3 of the Beginner Template first, if possible.

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      Great, thanks for the advice! Looking forward to giving your templates a go.