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Supplementing the Bench Press Work

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  • Supplementing the Bench Press Work

    Hi Guys, hope all is well. I am currently entering week 9 of the Strength 1 program. As per all my other runs through your programming I am getting great results. Unfortunately the last two weeks I have shoulder issues that have progressively gotten worst, so much so that last week I did my comp bench day, and did neutral grip DB press with light weight on the other two bench days. My question is, what would your advice be to work around these issues to continue through my program so I can realize the gains I’m making on the squat and deadlift, but also work through these shoulder issues. My doctor says it’s tendinitis and gave me the proverbial rest it until it gets better. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Our recommendations are outlined here:
    IG / YT


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      Excellent read, and very helpful in giving me a starting point. Appreciate the response.