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Hip Thrusts for Hypertrophy I?

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  • Hip Thrusts for Hypertrophy I?

    Hi BBM Team and Forum Members,

    I am just about to finish up the Beginner Template and am planning on moving on to Hypertrophy I. I really enjoyed doing hip thrusts in the Beginner Template (perhaps my favorite exercise) and realized they were not included in Hypertrophy I. I know that many variations are listed and if one is not included then likely it does not impose the stress/fatigue desired, however I also know that enjoying your training and your exercise selection is something BBM stands behind.

    That all being said, would it be appropriate to sub one of the pulls in Hypertrophy I for hip thrusts? If yes, should I replace a 1* pull or a 2* pull? Thank you for your time!

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    Sure, you can sub it in. I'd use a secondary slot.
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