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Training with/without a belt during Powerbuilding I

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  • Austin Baraki
    Yes, both things are OK.

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  • WK89
    started a topic Training with/without a belt during Powerbuilding I

    Training with/without a belt during Powerbuilding I

    I've finished up the Beginner program and am about to be getting started on Powerbuilding I. I've noticed that some days specify training with a belt and some days specify training without a belt. Is it ok if I train without a belt all the time except for sessions where it's called for during squatting movements? I don't know what it is but I love squatting with a belt but I can't stand having something around my waist during deadlifts, bench press, and overhead press.

    Also as an aside, is it ok if I overhead press with a slightly wider grip? I have an on/off issue where what I'm assuming is the ulnar nerve 'snaps' in my left elbow when I overhead press. It doesn't happen all the time but it does happen most of the time. I wouldn't say it's painful, but it's extremely annoying and uncomfortable. It almost feels like I'm getting hit on the funny bone when overhead pressing. From the limited research I've done, this seems to be unofficially referred to as 'snapping triceps syndrome'. I've experimented with widening my grip and this seems to lessen the effect to the point that it's much more tolerable. I've found that this results in a grip in which my forearms are no longer perfectly straight up and down - they form more of a slight 'W' shape with respect to my upper arms but it's not extremely wide. Thankfully I don't have this issue with bench press.

    Thank you