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Incline bench press?

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  • Incline bench press?

    I'm about to start inclined benching in phase 2 of the Beginner Prescription.

    I didn't find any BBM-branded content on the inclined bench press so figured I might as well ask: do you have a preferred angle or any other pointers relating to form?

    It looks like my bench ranges from about 10 degrees to 90 degrees.

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    I'd probably use an angle in the 30-45 degree range, but there isn't a clearly "preferred" angle either - we tend to bias things to lower angles when people are interested in more bench specificity, and higher angles for overhead pressing specificity. But for a beginner neither are important as we aren't ready to specialize yet. Just pick an angle, use your same bench press grip, and bring it down to touch your chest - you'll end up touching a bit higher than your normal bench press, depending on the angle.
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