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Which template should I do when I return to the gym?

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  • Which template should I do when I return to the gym?

    Good Evening Sir,

    It is with great pleasure to say I am returning to the gym on Friday. I have not been in 2 months, 2 weeks. In the meantime, I have been doing your No-Equipment At-Home Template, so grateful but ready for the iron!

    Leading up to the pandemic, I did SSNLP, then when I was about done with it I added your BP/Press Plugin. Then I did one run of the Bridge 1.0 and one run of 3.0. I was on Week 11 of the Strength I Template when the gyms closed and I was still making good gains.

    I will be able to go to the gym starting Friday; should I do a run of The Bridge before I go back to Strength I?

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    I'd probably just go back to Strength I after something like this: (see last piece)

    Happy you're getting back to training!
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