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Does one have to keep getting stronger to keep muscle ?

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  • Does one have to keep getting stronger to keep muscle ?

    I’m sure this has been answered in someway before, my cardio work has gone up considerably. Running the mile twice a week , hikes and walks , getting back into teaching Youth wrestling , rugby etc. with all of this , my strength once getting into the 3s and single range has taken a hit. I’m ok with this , I know that strength will come slower when you have other things taking a bite out of the pie.

    with that being said , I can’t help but obsess over muscle mass. I’m currently pretty jacked and thick and I love it. So my question would be do I have to keep getting stronger in order to keep the same muscle mass or is that where strictly the volume comes into play ?

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    Nope. Maintaining muscle mass is relatively easy and does not require one to necessarily get stronger.
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