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    Hey, BBM gang! I want to start strength training tomorrow. I will use Starting Strength or The Beginner Prescription. I don't know which one should I use. Even if I choose one or the other, I have to deadlift. I have no problem with deadlifting, I love deadlifting, but there is a problem. The plates in the gym where I train have a much smaller diameter than the "conventional" plates. How should I train the deadlift? I have nothing to put below the barbell to make it taller, and I don't think it is a good idea to put other plates below the barbell because while doing reps the barbell will not remain straight. I don't know if you understand what I an trying to say. Also, I am 6'6", should I make the barbell taller than other average height person?

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    I would probably do a low rack pull in this situation where the bar is ~ mid shin level or 225mm off the floor. I wouldn't make any special considerations for you being 6'6 necessarily, but your personal preference for exercises should be taken into consideration and supersede some wholly-made-up notion about certain exercises and rep ranges being better than others.

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