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Splitting up Beginner template into <55min sessions

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  • Splitting up Beginner template into <55min sessions

    Gyms are reopening in UK on the 4th of July so i am going to start running the beginner template from phase 2 onwards, as per your previous advice. Unfortunately we can only train for 55 minutes max, once a day, 7 days a week. According to my calculations, i would not be able to complete week 8 or any of the repeated week 8's, even with the minimum rest times, let alone the time taken to warm up. So what would be the best way to split it up?

    Im thinking of adding a 4th resistance training day where I do the 3rd movement from each day (as these have less rest times and less sets) so it would look something like this:

    Monday: Day 1 (first 2 excercises)
    Tuesday: Day 3 (first 2 exercises)
    Wednesday: GPP 1
    Thursday: Day 5 (first 2 exercises)
    Friday: 3rd movement from all 3 days
    Saturday: GPP 2
    Sunday: Rest Day

    Would this be the best way to go about doing this. I will do my GPP in the gym as I have little else to occupy time in my life right now, so I could even train every day.

    Many thanks!

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    This is fine! Glad you're going to get back to it
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