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Bridge 3.0 additional bench options.

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  • Bridge 3.0 additional bench options.

    Going back to my gym after the reopen i decided to do the bridge 3.0. Here are my lifts/bw/etc

    5 ft 9 200 lb 19 years old
    (from last week)
    [email protected] bench 180lb
    [email protected] squat 280
    [email protected] deadlift 300
    [email protected] press 115

    My bench is starting to stall out on 5lb jumps, which is to be expected (although disappointing because im far from where ive been). After doing the strength template about 6 months ago I feel like I need additional bench volume to drive progression. I'd also just like to bench more.

    Id like to add in another variation of the bench but im not sure the advantage of one over the other.The bridge 3.0 has me doing competition bench, press, and floor press as all of my pressing work. I want to add 2ct Paused bench or incline press or another variation to a gpp day. I was wondering what youd reccomend and at what rep range.

    Floor press is 5 reps in the program so i was thing a higher rep incline bench (8-12) for a few sets? Do you think this would be more benefical than adding say 2ct paused bench for a few sets of 5? What other variations should I look at and how should i think about which one is appropriate to add in?

    Thanks bbm crew. What you are doong is inspiring to me.

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    I don't think you need to add another variation of the bench press, but rather accept that strength isn't developed linearly most of the time. Instead, people tend to develop strength in spurts that can appear to be linear, but rarely last for long periods of time.

    I'd just run the program as it is for right now.
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      Thanks for the suggestion Jordan.