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  • Bodybuilding template

    I was wondering if the bodybuilding template required any special equipment like leg press etc or if free weights were enough?

    Thanks as always for the work you all do.

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    All three templates allow the user to select the exercises they wish to perform, which run the gamut from typical barbell exercises (e.g. squat) to machine-based exercises (e.g. leg extensions). It is possible to do the entire template with access to only a barbell, rack, and weights- though some of the exercise variation will necessarily be decreased AND, you'll have to sub out some of the isolation work for bodyweight or barbell-based exercises. For example, instead of using a leg extension machine, an individual could do a banded leg extension sitting on a bench, a goblet squat, or box step-up. Similarly, instead of doing a leg press, an individual could do a split squat. In short, more resources for equipment increase the variations an individual can perform, though they aren't strictly necessary.
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