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BBM thoughts on "Alternative Periodization"?

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  • BBM thoughts on "Alternative Periodization"?

    Not sure if you've come across this
    This guy is a research assistant at Florida Atlantic's ex phys lab, and he's been creating a model that is somewhat radical for increasing 1RM strength. Basically in revolves around intra-set fatigue, and he's found in some of his research that what we might consider normal sets (like 5 @ 8) aren't optimal for increase 1RM strength as the slowdown/breakdown towards the end of those sets is not the same sort of slowdown/breakdown caused by heavy external loads, and so it conditions the body more to adapt to heavy intra-set fatigue instead. This alternative model instead reserves high RPE sets for hypertrophy stimulus while the strength phase is instead dedicated to very light loads aiming for maximal force output (not the same as speed work)

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    Yep, we use a bit of that in the strength templates. For some, this seems to really work well- though for others, not so much. This is the case with most things in strength and conditioning, unfortunately.
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