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Late Novice/Early Intermediate Form Check and Future Programming Help

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  • Late Novice/Early Intermediate Form Check and Future Programming Help

    A little (hopefully relevant) background information:

    M/25/6'3"/210/~16% bf

    I've been lifting on and off for since I was a teenager, and recently decided to get serious about lifting when I decided to go back to school. I started the novice LP at the end of November last year, and currently my lifts are:

    Squat: 360 x 3 x 5 (reset once)
    Deadlift: 365 x 5 was highest weight/reps performed, recently reset and am currently at 340 x 5 (reset twice)
    Bench: 210 x 5 x 5 (reset once)
    OHP: 137.5 x 3 x 5 (reset once)

    relevant programming alterations to sslp:

    - alternate bench sets/reps between 3 x 5 and 5 x 5 (mentioned per Jordan in one of the podcasts, admittedly can't remember which)

    - transitioned to light squats on Thursdays (80% of Tuesday's weight performed for 2 x 5)

    - accessory arm work 2x a week performed after all required work sets, because broscience.

    Other than the aformentioned changes, I have followed the programming for the novice progression, eaten around 3500-4500 calories daily and I consistently sleep 6-8 hours a night. The only other detail that might be relevant from a fatigue accumulation standpoint is that I am a full time student and work full time in a somewhat physically demanding role (e.g. walking at a moderate pace consistently over an eight hour period, some light lifting occasionally up to 75 llbs).

    Tl;dr version:

    I am looking for some help critiquing my form, as well as any insight in to where to go next regarding programming. I am somewhat torn between TM with deadlift intensity day performed on the "light day", the bridge and possibly HLM.

    Thanks for any and all help/clarification!

    *Will upload lift videos in subsequent posts

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    Hi There! So we don't usually do form checks in the moderated forums as doing many form checks is beyond the scope of what the three of us can offer in this venue. I think you did post your videos in the unmoderated section, and that's a great idea.

    I'd suggest you move onto the Bridge. We kind of like that program a lot. :-) And it sounds like it's time to move on past the LP.