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Tempered SSLP programming for obese novice?

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  • Tempered SSLP programming for obese novice?

    Hi Coaches,

    After listening to one of your podcasts recently, I wanted to ask about something you touched on....

    You mentioned that someone obese and with obvious metabolic issues (e.g. waist exceeding 40+", poor lipid profile, etc.), it is in their best interest to aim for improving their health first and tempering their progress on a linear progression. I put myself in this category. I am a 36 year old male, 6'1", 255 lbs. Waist is 46". Novice/untrained lifter. ~30-40% bodyfat.

    With that in mind, what sorts of exceptions (if any) are made when you train these individuals? Or is it simply understanding that the LP won't last as long (and reach as high) as it otherwise would for someone gaining weight (and muscle)?

    I fully understand the priority of getting a healthier body before aiming solely at strength. Just wondering if you program any differently to lengthen the linear progression (e.g. microloading earlier, etc.)?

    kind regards,

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    Hi Jordan,

    No exceptions are needed, and the best thing to do is to both start the LP and monitor your nutrition. Our site has a great article, To Be a Beast, on that subject.

    And you can't know now what the length of your LP will be, you might have a great run, even while controlling your food intake to achieve reasonable weight loss, you'll likely see some very positive changes to your waist while training, and you will have more than just the scale to look at-you'll see body comp changes, see the bar weight go up, and you'll likely start feeling pretty different. So just be sure to keep looking at the big picture!


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      Thanks for the response, Leah.

      I'll get to work!