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4 week layoff: Beginner Template or Hypertrophy I?

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  • 4 week layoff: Beginner Template or Hypertrophy I?

    Dear Dr. Feigenbaum and Dr. Baraki,

    So far, I have had a little over a year of training history, having completed Bridge 3.0, General S&C, and Strength I. I will be finished with Strength II by the first week of August, but I need to travel overseas for two weeks, after which I will return home.

    In total, I will be quarantined for roughly two weeks without access to the gym. During this time, I will do the at home no equipment template. Am I better off running the Beginner template when I return to training because of the 4 week absence, or should I run Hypertrophy I? My original plan was to alternate Strength II and the Hypertrophy templates.


    Eddie Mun

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    I'd probably do phase II of the Beginner Template and then move forward from there.
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