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Bridge v2.0 w/ lift happens

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  • Bridge v2.0 w/ lift happens


    I am on the Bridge v2.0 currently, and for the last several month I have been under lots of stress, barely any sleep and depression strikes again, just regular days for a middle age man

    My E1RM keeps dropping (SQ session last week: [email protected]; this week, [email protected]), since my recovery is severly compomised, Should I drop some volume so I can recover a bit, or just do the program as it is written?


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    Sorry to hear it's been rough. I'd definitely want to see you actively addressing the stress, sleep, and depression-good sleep hygiene and finding ways to address the stress and depression positively. I wouldn't want to see that as regular, you know? Even though I know it can happen!

    I would not drop volume, but if you are adjusting the weight to reflect true RPE, you should be giving yourself room to recover. That's one of the ideas of the RPE. That said, a drop in weigh that significant indicates that either you have something notable in happening your technique or recovery, and while still training, you really want to address that too!


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      Thanks Leah,

      The stress mainly comes from some family issue, I am afraid it's going to be with me for a looooong time, and
      I don't see a way out

      You are right about my technique, I still video my work set, my form is deteriorating, I lost balance easily, I am not able to feel where my body parts are during lifts etc.

      I'll keep the volume and lift in the descripted RPE range to see how it goes.

      Thanks again!


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        When you have a lot of stressful things going on, it is easy to lose focus. This can lead to just going through the motions in training. Taking a little extra time during training before each set to make sure you are 100% focused on that set can help. When you are stressed and have a lot on your mind, it can be really difficult to focus on the form necessary when the sets start to get hard. It’s just something you have to work a little harder at. It’s definitely something I still struggle with.

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      Hope it gets better, buddy. Reach out to friends for support and keep training!
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        All of you guys, I really thank you.

        I'll see through this, now matter how many years it's gonna take (it's gonna take many years). At least I am still keep the bar moving, no matter how light it is