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  • Chin-up Programming

    Hey guys, maybe I've missed some direct answer to this, but I haven't found it yet. I'm in the middle of my SSLP, weighing around 246 and trying to lose. I'm not strong enough to do a single chin up. I can dead hang for 15 seconds or so (haven't really timed), but pulling myself up is not even remotely going to happen. I don't have bands but the gym has a chin assist machine and for my first 3 sets of 5-7 per Niki Sims' article, I had to use the pin selector at 290 lbs (5 lbs short of being maxed) onto the weighted assist. That doesn't even make sense since it's 45 more lbs. than I weigh, but I digress. Also, I'm not doing the power clean for a couple reasons. The gym only has squat racks and no real open area to throw a barbell around and I really don't want to do it without a coach. I've been doing Barbell Rows instead, 3 sets of 10 as per Rip's recommendation in the book. I'm at the point where I feel I need to be deadlifting once every 5 workouts and getting my back strength/chins improving. How do I go about programming this? I know to squat every session and alternate press and bench press, but the original program alternates DL, chins/back ext, Power Cleans, Chins/back ext, DL and so on. However, Niki's article says to work chins in either on a rest day (HIIT rowing day for me) or after your workout. I'm a little confused here.

    1. Can I just continue to substitute Barbell Rows for Power Cleans and do the program as written otherwise and leave rest days to be rest days?
    2. Is there something I need to add to my programming so as to alternate row, DL, and something else so I can keep my DLs to once every fahve workouts and then do chins on my rest(HIIT) days?
    3. Is 3 sets of 10 on rows your recommendation? By the time I'm done it feels more like HIIT because I'm out of breath AND fatigued.

    I know both Jordan and Austin do different programming for someone who can't chin, but I don't know if that's been spelled out anywhere.

    Thanks again for everyone's help here, I really appreciate it!

    Current lifts in lbs. 3/2/18 -
    Squat - 210
    Press - 105
    Bench - 125
    DL - 215
    Row - 130

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    Hey Chef,

    1) Yes to the BB rows. You can do cardio on rest days for weight loss.
    2) I would deadlift every week. I would not do chins on rest days, but rather at the end of training.
    3) Thats fine. I program them for 3-4 sets of 8 in tis situation.
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      Thank you SOOO much once again!