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Off Season training structure for a powerlifter

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  • Off Season training structure for a powerlifter

    Is peaking for a 1RM test useless unless i have a competition scheduled? Should i just repeat hypertrophy and strength mesocycles? Is it recommended to do that kind of developmental training year round? Any danger of running into adaptive resistance? (By mostly training in a 3-10 rep range)

    I see no point in peaking (Very low volume very high intensity training in general) unless an important meet is scheduled.

    Some context, if it matters - My goals are to increase the big 3 for competing in powerlifting in the future. I am 18 years old and have around 1-2 years of experience with well structured and serious strength training. I am improving very well with high / moderate volume training which is why i feel like it should be done year round. Anything wrong with that? Thanks.

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    I think that it depends how experienced a powerlifter is, their individual preferences and history (e.g. injury, performance, etc.), and how many times they compete a year.

    That said, I typically have my competitors test maxes a few times a year- even out of competition if the training cycle is going well. I don't think you should avoid testing when the training is going well and the program calls for it and additionally, the majority of your training should develop strength and hypertrophy
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